how long does it take to receive my highlight film?

Not only is there so much time invested into shooting your wedding, there is also a lot of time put into it in post production. Each film requires a storyline, color grading, audio mixing and more. They are all unique as to how much footage there is to go through, so it varies as to how long it takes to put together. The general guideline is 8 to 12 weeks but may be different depending on the time of year.


This all depends on which collection you choose and how many hours of coverage you have, but they most always show the formal events of the reception and even some of the party! Each wedding is unique and every couple chooses to do their reception a little bit differently. To make sure you get the coverage you want, plan your timeline accordingly

DO we get to select our own music?

You will always be asked to send a few options from a couple sites that allow licensing. However, if the song doesn't fit with your film a different one will be selected, this way your wedding film flows properly. Your favorite music style will be discussed during our meeting before the day of the wedding to be sure the song fits you as a couple.

Do you have a second shooter?

If you select collection two or three, then there will definitely be a second shooter. However, you may add one on to your collection. If your collection includes one but you would like a third shooter, than can be added on as well. 

How long is a highlight film?

On average, our highlight films are about 6-8 minutes in length. Sometimes they are shorter or longer depending on content, hours of coverage etc.